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usage and effectives of charcoal

usage and effectives of charcoal1

  • Used in Refrigerators – Can eliminate odor causing bacteria and restore freshness.
  • Used in Basements and indoor sub floors- removal of humidity and eliminate odor.
  • Used in Cars- eliminate foul odor like tobacco smell, mildue and reduce humidity and reduce fatigue.
  • Used in electrical components – prevents electromagnetic waves will prevents electrical shock.
  • Used in Baths – has a cleanness and purifying effect on the skin.
  • Used in grain storage- eliminate odor, humidity and has the effectives of insecticide.
  • Used in Preparing Steam rice – eliminate the loss of nutrient and tastes.
  • Used in closets and storage – helps eliminate moisture and eliminate odors.
  • Used in Pillow fillings- provide a restful sleep and feeling refresh and also eliminate fungal mold.
  • Used in water filter – provide a clean, refreshing and removal of chemicals.
  • Used in barbecue – give the food a full favors taste.
  • Used in air fresher – place in your rooms in the house, provides a refreshing feeling by removing any foul smelling odors.
  • Used in preservative – Aging of Soy Sauce, eliminate the foul odor.
  • Used in home building – mixed with the construction of home’s foundation, helps eliminate humanity and helps eliminate various types of germs.
  • Used in Agriculture – mixed with fertilizer has a positive growth and helps eliminate any type of harmful acid.
  • Used in Sterilization-Charcoal has been known to eliminate various germs and Negative ions.

usage of carbon

  • Reason to use charcoal for soybean sauce cook → deodorization and heavy mental absorption effect
  • Reason for good flavor of the wood fire or charcoal fire roasted → infrared ray emission
  • Reason to build it on the room floor → humidity control
  • Reason to use it as a natural soap with ashes → pesticide effect and acidification prevention
  • Reason to heat charcoal at the gate when giving birth → germ elimination and anion occurrence